• The HRH Jukebox

    The HRH Jukebox

    00:00 08:00
    The HRH Jukebox takes over the airwaves with a mixture of new music, established bands and just anything that represents what the HRH brand is all about.
  • The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club

    08:00 10:00
    The all-new breakfast show on Hard Rock Hell Radio! We kick-start the day with the perfect blend of classic rock and metal tracks, then add a different theme plus a music legend - all with a variety of Hard Rock Hell Radio presenters
  • Sammi Quinn’s Morning Metal Mayhem

    Sammi Quinn's Morning Metal Mayhem

    10:00 12:00
    The Mistress Of Metal, Diva Of Destruction takes to the Hard Rock Hell airwaves to bring you the best Metal from the depths of Hades.
  • The C60 Mixtape Show

    The C60 Mixtape Show

    12:00 13:00
    Join Neil (Full Metal Racket) for the C60 Mixtape Show, where you can relive the days of youth...
  • The HRH AOR Show with GlamRat

    The HRH AOR Show with GlamRat

    13:00 15:00
    Bringing you glam rock, hair metal and hard rock emerging from the 70's and blasting through the 80s and showcasing bands keeping the genre alive
  • Beastie’s Rock Show

    Beastie's Rock Show

    15:00 17:00
    You won't find any pigeonholes here, if it uses the word 'ROCK' you will more than likely hear it here.
  • The Independence Rox Show

    The Independence Rox Show

    17:00 19:00
    SteviRox bringing you all the music from the underground, unsigned & independent scene. Encompassing everything...
  • Wordys World

    Wordys World

    19:00 21:00
    Welcome to The Weird Musical World of Wordy.  A fabulous mix of bands played from all genres & time...
  • The 69X Radio Show with Mandy Lawrie

    The 69X Radio Show with Mandy Lawrie

    21:00 23:00
    Featuring unsigned and signed original rock bands from around our globe, Mandy will be promoting all genres of Rock
  • Tobesters Green Room

    Tobesters Green Room

    23:00 00:00
    Featuring established and rising stars, Tobester picks a style or theme each week and just runs with it - so expect the best from the world of melodic rock and metal!