• Jezebel’s Lounge

    Jezebel's Lounge

    12:00 14:00
    Jezebel's Lounge will bring a selection of music from artists I've worked with, those I'd like to work with and...
  • The New Release Jukebox

    The New Release Jukebox

    14:00 15:00
    Catchup with the most up to date releases from your favourite bands - we squeeze nothing but brand new songs into the hour[...]
  • Rock Out Radio Show

    Rock Out Radio Show

    15:00 17:00
    An eclectic mix of rock and metal genres, each show has a theme of some kind linking the tracks, bands or...
  • Full Metal Racket

    Full Metal Racket

    17:00 19:00
    From the hardest of rock to the blackest of metal, Full Metal Racket will assault your senses with new releases...
  • Redtank’s Weekender

    Redtank's Weekender

    19:00 21:00
    Redtank's Weekender! Ending your weekend with a bang! A mix of hard and heavy tunes with moments of beauty thrown in. Expect extreme music including
  • X Minus One

    X Minus One

    21:00 23:00
    Join host Sinister Pete for all the modulation you can handle. X Minus One, a new dimension in sound.
  • The Rock Lobster Show After Dark

    The Rock Lobster Show After Dark

    23:00 00:00
    Playing Gothic, Dark Rock/Metal, Theatrical, Synth and anything Rock/Metal/Punk that goes bump in the night