• The HRH Jukebox

    The HRH Jukebox

    00:00 08:00
    The HRH Jukebox takes over the airwaves with a mixture of new music, established bands and just anything that represents what the HRH brand is all about.
  • The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club

    08:00 10:00
    The all-new breakfast show on Hard Rock Hell Radio! We kick-start the day with the perfect blend of classic rock and metal tracks, then add a different theme plus a music legend - all with a variety of Hard Rock Hell Radio presenters
  • Chantel’s Monday Brunch Club

    Chantel's Monday Brunch Club

    10:00 12:00
    Chantel's Monday Brunch Club - hosted by Hard Rock Hell's very own Electric Landlady Chantel McGregor, features seismic rock with an eclectic vibe. Fans of Chantel can testify that not only is she an incredible musician, but she has an impeccable taste in music too!
  • Mikki’s Rock Tour

    Mikki's Rock Tour

    12:00 14:00
    Everything and anything goes, signed / unsigned it's all the same to me. If it's good it's good and I'll play it.
  • Clouseau’s Road Trip

    Clouseau's Road Trip

    14:00 15:00
    If you like an eclectic mix of anything rock, join me   on my road trips around the counties and regions of the UK, Europe and the World.
  • Mad Steve’s Asylum

    Mad Steve's Asylum

    15:00 17:00
    In a secluded room deep within the mad house. Where no person but mad Steve dare go. There is a studio where...
  • The Rock Lobster Show

    The Rock Lobster Show

    17:00 19:00
    The Rock Lobster Show aims to bring you the best of the independent and unsigned artists, alongside some of the mainstream acts from all over the world...
  • The Mike James Rock Show

    The Mike James Rock Show

    19:00 21:00
    The Mike James Rock Show is your one-stop for new music from underground and up and coming acts alongside big names
  • The Monday Night Takeover

    The Monday Night Takeover

    21:00 23:00
    A weekly rotating show featuring various shows
  • The HRH Punk Show

    The HRH Punk Show

    23:00 00:00
    Punk Rock at its filthiest and most furious invades Hard Rock Hell Radio Every Monday night. Tune In for 60 minutes of the very best spanning decades with Redtank, safety pins optional