Simon Redtank

Originally from Shropshire I have also lived in Germany and Ireland and done a fair bit of travelling and have had the pleasure of seeing many bands in many different countries.

in 1985 I discovered Iron Maiden’s Live after Death and life has never really been the same since! I pretty much love all types of rock and metal but have a big soft spot for anything extreme and complex. Probably my favourite concert was seeing a three hour set from Colour Haze in Munich.

I still go to lots of gigs and am loving the resurgence of the metal and rock in the past few years as there are so many great bands out there.

I am also a big movie fan!

HRH Favourite Styles:

    • HRH DOOM
    • HRH PUNK

On Air: Sunday’s 10pm to Midnight – Redtanks Weekender
On Air: Monday’s 11pm to Midnight – HRH Punk Show

Simon Redtank,