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I’ve spent most of my adult life in Yorkshire and I have a real love of football and music, both with a leaning towards the olden days when everything was perfect and the world was in sepia. When shorts reached your knees and music was played on big black dinner plates.

I have a lot of music heroes but 4 in particular…

Roger Waters, David Bowie, Joe Strummer and above that fantastic trio, Bill Nelson.

I’m constantly searching for 10 out of 10 perfect albums; all 4 of them have perfect albums.
I used to love Rush with a schoolgirl crush but it all went sour from 1982 and we haven’t spoken since, or before then to be honest.

We’ve lost 2 of those musicians but I’d love to talk to the other 2. Especially one-on-one. I once spoke to Bill Nelson at Leeds Uni after a gig and even though I was an idiot teenager, he was very polite and patient. I love Rock stars that are well grounded and if they aren’t I want to ask “when did that change and why?”
I would love to catch up with Bill Nelson now and chat about his life.

I always think back to gigs in the past and how lucky I am to have seen Rush at Hammersmith Odeon, or the likes of Floyd, Led Zep, AC/DC with Bon Scott at their best but a gig that is as good as any they have done is Rival Sons at the Leadmill in Sheffield. Everything I love was in a gig that night. A great young band, on form and in an intimate venue. Perfection.

Young bands like Rival Sons, Greta van Fleet or The Struts are the future of this thing we love. You don’t have to love them, you can’t love them all but we should enjoy these and bands like them whilst they burn brightly and I love supporting them along their journey and will love seeing them fulfil their potential


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