• The HRH Jukebox

    The HRH Jukebox

    00:00 12:00
    The HRH Jukebox takes over the airwaves with a mixture of new music, established bands and just anything that represents what the HRH brand is all about.
  • Mean Green Killing Machine

    Mean Green Killing Machine

    12:00 15:00
    Metal is my Business & Business is good. Meaner, Leaner and some might say Greener then any show I have ever...
  • Mad Steve’s Asylum

    Mad Steve's Asylum

    15:00 17:00
    In a secluded room deep within the mad house. Where no person but mad Steve dare go. There is a studio where...
  • New Show Coming Soon

    New Show Coming Soon

    17:00 19:00
    We are always on the look out for talented and enthusiastic music fans who can dedicate a small amount of time each week to put together a radio show.
  • The Hammerfest Moshpit

    The Hammerfest Moshpit

    19:00 21:00
    The best in Metal music from all bands that have played & will play HRH/Hammerfest in the future...
  • The Fat Guy On A Bike

    The Fat Guy On A Bike

    21:00 23:00
    Old school Biker bringing you some classic rock and blues of up and coming unsigned and independent bands...
  • The HRH Prog Show

    The HRH Prog Show

    23:00 00:00
    Prog has no bounds. That's the beauty. A mixture of ideas brought to life by amazing musicians. HRH Prog will feature...