• The HRH Jukebox

    The HRH Jukebox

    00:00 12:00
    The HRH Jukebox takes over the airwaves with a mixture of new music, established bands and just anything that represents what the HRH brand is all about.
  • DarkCompass


    12:00 13:00
    DarkCompass, started in December 2004, brings you some of the best music from around the world, from
  • Atom Heart Mutha

    Atom Heart Mutha

    13:00 15:00
    Atom Heart Mutha delivers a mix of brand new HeavyPsych Riffs, Psychedelic Rock, Spacerock, Fuzz...
  • The HRH Sleaze Show

    The HRH Sleaze Show

    15:00 17:00
    Combining elements of Hair Metal, Hard Rock, Glam & Punk "HRH SLEAZE" is the show dedicated to the Swagger...
  • The Friday Rock Show

    The Friday Rock Show

    17:00 19:00
    The Friday Rock Show, two hours of Hard Rock and old school 80's Metal, bringing you a blast from the past...
  • The JustinSane Show

    The JustinSane Show

    19:00 21:00
    Bringing you the very best tunage from Local Music Earth. With shenanigans a plenty from the wackiest DJ ...
  • The Nexus Of Extremity

    The Nexus Of Extremity

    21:00 00:00
    A discovery of the nastiest, and most brutal music from around the world. I aim to find it in the most surprising...