• Mikki’s Midnight Mass (Friday)

    Mikki's Midnight Mass (Friday)

    00:00 01:00
    Mikki presents an hour from midnight of the widest variety of rock and metal you can imagine - all under the shimmering glow of candlelight...
  • Beastie’s Breakfast Blues Club

    Beastie's Breakfast Blues Club

    07:00 08:00
    Beastie is back on your Breakfast radar with a very early morning blues show
  • The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club

    08:00 10:00
    The all-new breakfast show on Hard Rock Hell Radio! We kick-start the day with the perfect blend of classic rock and metal tracks, then add a different theme plus a music legend - all with a variety of Hard Rock Hell Radio presenters
  • The Dan Chan Show

    The Dan Chan Show

    10:00 12:00
    A knuckle-cracking, ear-blast of a show coming at you from Barcelona, covering the heaviest metal and rock, from industrial, black, thrash, doom and hard-rock, with some lighter elements injected for good measure.
  • DarkCompass


    12:00 13:00
    DarkCompass, started in December 2004, brings you some of the best music from around the world, from
  • Atom Heart Mutha

    Atom Heart Mutha

    13:00 15:00
    Atom Heart Mutha delivers a mix of brand new HeavyPsych Riffs, Psychedelic Rock, Spacerock, Fuzz...
  • Senior Headbangers Rock and Blues Show

    Senior Headbangers Rock and Blues Show

    15:00 17:00
    My HRH radio show features classic rock and blues tracks from 1960s to date but with some twists. For example, unplugged,
  • Steel Symphony

    Steel Symphony

    17:00 19:00
    Steel Symphony brings you Speed, Power and Classic metal every Friday night. Bringing you the greatest from the Titans of Power metal and
  • The HRH Metal Show

    The HRH Metal Show

    19:00 21:00
    The HRH Metal Show is the place to be if you want your ears to bleed. Two hours of extreme metal from Black to Death and all the sub genres you can think of or even make up on the spot! If you like your music heavier than a collapsing star, then pull up a chair, grab a beer, strap yourself in and prepare to enter a world of brutality!
  • Not The Nine O’Clock Snooze

    Not The Nine O'Clock Snooze

    21:00 00:00
    DJ Buff brings you a loud and heavy party in the tradition of the very best in Friday Night Rockshows
  • The Alex Irons Show

    The Alex Irons Show

    23:00 00:00
    Alex Irons brings you an eclectic mix of rock 'n' metal to accompany your Friday night!