Svempa Alveving

Living and breeding right now in Stockholm! Since the early days of my life I have loved music as everyone on Hard Rock Hell Radio!
I bid you welcome to some interviews with the most promising artist of the heavy underground! The show will focus on sludge, doom, stoner, psychedelia and metal! I will give you both Swedish and international bands. And I promise you the talks will always be in-depth.
Finding and supporting bands or/and artist are some of the most satisfying things to do when you can’t play any instruments by yourself. During my time in business, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing persons and labels.
My background are in the written media where I write for Doomed&Stoned, Zero Tolerance and Ripple Effect. I contribute monthly to Doom Charts. I have been writing for CVLT Nation, Sludgelord and Slavestate too!
When it comes to audio I have been the co-host for Into The Void Podcast and right now I’m doing Instagram-Live Interviews. I also work as an A&R at Majestic Mountain Records.

Svempa Alveving,