Reverend Rock

I began working in internet radio in 2013 when it became an alternative to doing Too Metal For Church as a podcast. The appeal of doing a live broadcast won out in that decision and the show was born.

I am also an ordained minister in a traditional Christian denomination and serve in a loving and accepting faith community.
I am fortunate to be married to my childhood sweetheart and we have six children and two grandkids.
My attitude about what I do is summed up this way: I don’t apologise to the Christians for being a metalhead and I don’t apologise to the metalheads for being a Christian.

The show, however, has no overt religious content. It’s all about the music and our passion for it It’s also about the amazing metal community that transcends traditionally divisive issues of gender, age, sexual orientation etc. to be unified in love, purpose and attitude. The church could learn a lot from us.

HRH Favourite Styles:

    • HRH PROG

On Air: Tuesday 3-5pm

Reverend Rock,