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Luke “Loki” Milne

Honestly, I’m just a massive music nerd! It’s a commonly used phrase, but there’s not many people who can truly say that music is their “life”; With me, I’m fortunate enough to have turned my hobby and passion into my career, and it’s something I dip into almost every single day.

When I’m not scoping out live music performances or hooked up to my computer writing album reviews, I have an interest in video games and technology in general. I also have this weird fetish for knowledge…I love learning new things and expanding my understanding of this weird little planet we live on, so I spend a lot of time reading up on random subjects.

Oh yeah, I’m a sucker for Jack Daniels & coke – If you see me without one, you’re more than welcome to try to fix that.

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On Air: Sunday 10pm-12am

Luke “Loki” Milne,