Dave Watkins

I was born in 67 and loved all kinds of music growing up but it wasn’t really until the early 80’s that I properly discovered the power of a great band. That was through discovering Iron Maiden [ The Trooper ] and Big Country – two different bands and styles but both brought new levels of passion and I went from there.

In my single days, it was easy to get to a ton of gigs around the country and I have been lucky to see pretty much all of my favourite bands along the way. It’s been harder more recently due to family, work and money, so being able to produce radio shows has become a big thing for me these days.

From 2011, I ran a Blues show on community radio here in Somerset and was named Independent Blues Broadcaster at the 2014 British Blues Awards, which was quite nice! I also ran shows covering Rock and Prog for periods too. Since leaving the local station, I have set up a small modest studio at home and have been hosting a new traditional Country show since the start of 2017.

It is a huge honour for me to have a small space on HRH Radio and I hope I can entertain you every week.  I’ll be bringing my Blues ears to give you a selection of the good stuff, while sharing my long time passion for Rock music [ all kinds of things will be covered, as long as it’s got a good tune – not always the obvious choices either ].

I’ll aim to be an interactive show too – it could well be fun, who knows – only one way to find out I guess!

HRH Favourite Styles:


On Air: Saturday 6pm-7pm


Dave Watkins,