Alex “Ace” Clarke

Based in Nottinghamshire but born and bred in Derby I was brought up on Classic Rock and Glam Metal, this foundation in over the top aggressive rock obviously rubbed off on my impressionable and young mind. As I got older I discovered NWOBHM and Thrash and realised I wanted to find bands like Judas Priest and Iron maiden but… you know… faster. Thats when I was lucky enough to be handed a copy of Hammerfall: Chapter V and everything clicked into place for me.
Since then I have been on a journey to find music with the most over the top lyrics, catchy melodies and Neo Classical speed.

I am not a musician by any stretch but I have managed a popular local band and also co-owned and operated a band rehearsal rooms which has given me a true appreciation of live music and showmanship. In my spare time I love to learn the history of bands and the genre, I am a part time voice over artist and I love write.

My Holy Tritiny in Power Metal is Stratovarius, Edguy and Hammerfall and I would love to meet/interview any of the bands.

Best live performances I have seen would be by Rammstein, Edguy and Rush

HRH Favourite Styles:


On Air: Friday 5-7pm

Alex “Ace” Clarke,